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Willy Wafel weet alles van stroopwafels!



Hi! My name is Willy Wafel and I know everything there is to know about stroopwafels! I have gathered our most frequently asked questions and answered them for you.


Do you have a different question or comment? Then please send an email to my colleagues: or call +31(0)412-671217. 


See you soon!


1 Registration
1.1 Do I have to register?

No, you do not have to register. However, by registering you do get access to your order history.

1.2 I forgot my password. What now?

Click on my account at the top of the screen. Click ‘forgot password?’. A new password will be emailed to you.

2 Ordering
2.1 Can I place a repeat order?

Yes, you can! In order to place a repeat order, you'll have to log in to your account. Click on My orders. Next to the status of an order, you can click on the View button. You'll be taken to the order screen. Below the total amount of your order, you'll see a Reorder button. If you click this, all the items from your order will be placed in the shopping cart for re-ordering. 

2.2 Can I email you my order?

Yes, you can. Please send your order to:

2.3 How can I order?

You can order by adding the products of your choice to your basket and clicking the checkout button to proceed to the checkout.

3 Payment
3.1 What will I see on my credit card statement if I pay with my credit card?

Your credit card statement will state ‘DAELMANS’.

3.2 Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept the following payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • MasterCard & Visa
  • American Express
3.3 USD and EUR

Although our shop is fully in USD, your payment will be converted to EUR.

3.4 Do I have to pay sales tax if I am a registered business?
 You do not have to pay sales tax on your order.
4 Shipping
4.1 How long does it take for me to receive my stroopwafels?

We ship all of our stroopwafels as fresh as possible. We ship our orders with UPS Ground* from our warehouse in Pennsylvania.

4.2 How much are the shipping costs?

We ship all of our stroopwafels as fresh as possible. We ship our orders with UPS Ground* from our warehouse in Pennsylvania.
FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders over $60.

* We are not responsible for delays in transit.

Shipping costs

0 – 2 kg: $10
2 – 5 kg: $15
5 – 10 kg: $ 20
10 – 15 kg: $ 22,50
15 – 20 kg: $ 25

Transit days

4.3 Do you ship to PO boxes?

No, we currently do not ship to PO Boxes, as UPS nor FedEx do not offer this service.

5 Stroopwafel information
5.1 How long is the shelf life?

The shelf life of our stroopwafels is max. 7 months.

5.2 Do your stroopwafels contain egg?

All the stroopwafels from our webshop do not contain egg. Our stroopwafels are also produced in a facility where no egg is present.

As Daelmans is still in a transition phase, Daelmans stroopwafels bought outside of the webshop (for instance in stores) might still have packaging mentioning egg. 

5.3 Do your stroopwafels contain traces of sesame?

No, our stroopwafels do not contain any trace of sesame.

5.4 Will my diet like stroopwafels?

The great thing about stroopwafels is that they are individual portions — a sweet treat, just for you! When you have an individually wrapped and portioned stroopwafel in front of you, there is less of a chance of going overboard … like cutting an EXTRA big slice of cake (we’re all guilty of that!).

Our stroopwafels only contain 150 calories: it’s the perfect small indulgence to satisfy your sweet tooth, and you don’t feel like you’re stuffed.

5.5 How are my stroopwafels best enjoyed?

We recommend bringing your stroopwafels to room temperature prior to consumption. They’re even more tastier when you slightly warm them by placing them on top of your cup of coffee or tea.

5.6 How should I store my stroopwafels?

Our stroopwafels should be stored in a cool and dry place, preferably in the refrigerator. Pop them in the microwave for a minute before enjoying them. You can also store them in the freezer to extend their shelf life for a few months.

5.7 Are your stroopwafels peanut free and are they made in a peanut free environment?

Yes, our stroopwafels are peanut and nut free and are made in a facility where no peanuts and nuts are used.

5.8 I have received my stroopwafels, but the syrup has melted and they look messy!

During the warmer months, excess syrup can unfortunately ooze out of our stroopwafels. Although it might not look as pretty, the taste is still the same.

5.9 Kosher & Halal
  • Our stroopwafels do not contain any alcohol. Bourbon Vanilla refers to the quality of the vanilla (from Madagascar), not the alcoholic drink. 
  • Our stroopwafels are halal, as they do not contain any E-numbers from animal sources. Our butter is made from cow's milk. 
  • Our stroopwafels are not labeled as kosher, but our facility is kosher-ready and kosher stroopwafels are made upon request under rabbinical supervision. If you are interested in placing a substantial order which needs to be kosher, please contact us for the possibilities. 
6 Sustainability
6.1 How sustainable are you?
  • When selecting and purchasing our ingredients, sustainability of the production of those ingredients is crucial to us
  • We only use non-GMO ingredients
  • Our palm oil is sustainable 'Segregated RSPO' palm oil
  • Our packaging suppliers are FSC-sustainable (where possible)
  • No artificial aromas or colors
  • No preservatives
6.2 100% Sustainable Palm Oil

We wish to contribute to the general well-being by treating the earth and its people with respect. This is why we - as Daelmans - take part in several sustainability programs. We use 100% sustainable palm oil.
Here you can read more about it:

6.3 UTZ certified

Did you know we are UTZ certified? That means that over 90% of the cocoa-containing raw materials we use are purchased under UTZ certification. UTZ CERTIFIED is a program and label for sustainable agriculture leading to sustainable products.

7 Discount coupons
7.1 Where can I enter my discount coupon?

You can enter the discount coupon on the shopping cart page or upon checkout.

7.2 Exceptions
  • Our customized tins are always excluded from discount coupons.
  • Discount coupons do not apply to wholesale customers who already receive tiered pricing.
8 Return policy
8.1 Can I return my stroopwafels?

As stated in our Terms and Conditions (Article 8), you cannot return perishable products - such as stroopwafels - to us. This is part of the Consumer Rights Directive, issued by the European Commission. All sales are final.

You can return non-food items: in our case the Waffle Warmer and the Stroopwafel Clips.

9 Wholesale account
9.1 I want to order stroopwafels for my business. Can I get a discount?

Yes, we offer wholesale accounts. Please apply for an account. We will manually check your application and approve it. If approved, you can then log in as a wholesale customer.

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